Saturday, July 02, 2005

From the NY Jewish Week: "Find A Place For Special-Needs Children" [in day schools]

See this article by Rabbi Allen Selis, father of a boy with autism. It's a pity that the Jewish community has so much difficulty raising adequate funds to provide a decent Jewish education for kids with disabilities. I speak from experience, unfortunately: Our son was refused admission to our local Solomon Schechter (Conservative) Day School.

My newer readers are cordially invited and encouraged to read (at least part of) my series, "On raising a child with disabilities," which starts here:

I also encourage you to read Z's series, "When Something's Wrong," about raising a child with autism. We wrote our posts pretty much concurrently, and bounced our thoughts off of one another. Her series can be found here: Being a more technologically-adept blogger, Z has links to the entire series in her sidebar. (I haven't even figured out how to set up a sidebar yet.) While you're there, read her most recent posts--she and her husband are currently going through "special-ed. hell" trying to get their son the help that he needs. They could use a few words of encouragement.


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